A Guide to Improving Your Janitorial Performance with Cleaning Software

05 May

Thanks to the reasonable pricing for janitorial software currently, operators of cleaning services may exploit the tool toward the attainment and protection of company successes. In case you run a janitorial service, you may leverage the application to ensure everyone, including your staff, enjoys handling simplified processes. The software, which is very user friendly, is deployable on a desktop or smart phone, and it's meant to help land new business as well as retain clients and boost employee performance.

Let's take a look at the various janitorial software features that can help streamline your work processes:

Cleaning Inspection

The tool has a cleaning inspection feature that enables the timely detection of cleaning issues before clients take note. With the feature, you may automatically create task assignments and deal with an issue. Similarly, the tool is able to keep trail of repetitive cleaning issues, allowing your staff to focus more on specific zones each time they execute a preventive examination.

Proper Work Organization

The inability to track your work orders can lead to loss of clients because scheduled cleaning tasks are constantly being missed. That won't be a problem with cleaning software as it makes it easier to submit and preserve all work orders. It promotes the instant distribution of work assignments to the right employees. Using the software, it's easy to see and control client satisfaction levels based on a clear assessment of each work completed.

Leveraging Business Intelligence

Quality cleaning software produces meaningful business intelligence, forming the basis of sound decision making. It enables instant access to the most important or urgent cleaning inspections or task orders. The ability to make intelligent decisions based on up-to-date business data can help enhance your competitiveness in the market. This software simplifies retrieval of data, and it eliminates the need to plow through pages of information to track the most important business intelligence.          

Schedule Work Events

You may leverage janitorial software to keep work schedules neatly in place, improving customer service and increasing the efficiency of your operations. For the cleaning staff to be most efficient and productive, they need to be made aware of jobs that need to be done and their respective timing. To ensure that responsible employees don't forget about what has to be done, the system sends them automatic reminders in a timely manner. This program can send alerts to clients informing them about impending janitorial or inspections services, ensuring they're ready for when you show up. 

You can improve the efficiency of your janitorial teams by offering them a comprehensive system that helps with numerous functions, including the scheduling of cleaning work orders. The system can play a key role in boosting client retention and satisfaction levels.

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